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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
6:08 pm
Blog It!

Blog It

We just released a very cool new service called "Blog It," which is powered by TypePad. It's a free Facebook application that makes it easy to write once and publish everywhere. As blogging expands, and becomes more social, many of us have multiple blogs and countless status services. Blogging is no longer just about posting, but also alerting people through various channels --such as Facebook and Twitter -- that you've posted. Blog It makes this easier than ever before and is a great step in bringing blogging and social networking together.

We've received phenomenal coverage on this already from the likes of TechCrunch, Mashable, Webomatica, Blog Herald, CNet, Wired, Macworld, eWeek, InformationWeek, PC World, Computerworld, AllFacebook, eFluxMedia, and NewCommReview. CNet wrote "The Web might have just gotten one step closer to a universal 'social dashboard' capable of managing an array of blogging, messaging, networking, and media applications," and I especially liked what Scott Gilbertson from Wired wrote:

It’s the easiest way I’ve seen to broadcast posts across platforms. It offers the ability to pick and choose which posts go where on a per-post basis so you’re always in control of who sees what. Every time you add a new service to update, Blog It offers the option to automatically post to that service, though you can always uncheck any of the services when you actually post something.

Blog It is a pretty slick Facebook app, perhaps the best I’ve used.

eWeek took another angle on the story:

Blog It is also great news for data portability evangelists trying to break down the walled gardens created by seminal social networks that erected barriers between networks of friends.

Congratulations to David Recordon, Bryan Tighe, and all at Six Apart who made this happen! And of course, this was posted using Blog It!

Here's a video introduction to the service.

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